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Popular Styles Men’s Leather Shirts

Leather Shirts For Mens are becoming very popular in Men’s Fashion. Because leather shirts give an amazing and unique look. The Soveba Kilt Shop is offering a wide range of  Leather Shirts For Men in popular styles. All the shirts at our shop made from 100% real leather. And all in its own unique style. At our shop long sleeves and half sleeves shirts, both are available.

Custom Leather Shirts

The shirts can be customizable according to your preferences. If you want to change in any style of shirt we are here for your help. If you want to get the long sleeve on half sleeves shirt this is possible.

Leather Shirts Color Guide.

Choosing the right shirt color is a challenge for many people. Nobody wants to be wrong and end up looking like a clown. Different colors have different effects on our moods and personalities, so it’s important to make the right choice.


Leather Shirt In Dark colors can make you look more aggressive, bold, and refined.


Lighter color Shirts make you look more confident.


Colors around the green spectrum are soothing and give a fresh feeling.

Red And Yellow

Red Color Shirt makes you stand out, while yellow makes you look smarter and friendlier.

Blue And Purple

Leather Shirt in Blue Color is said to be soothing and relaxing while purple conveys an interesting atmosphere.

Not all colors are suitable for every man. Depending on your skin color, eye color, and hair color, certain colors are or are less suitable to wear.

Which Leather do We Use For Our Shirts?

We use 100% Original Leather For Our Products. Cowhide, Lambskin / Sheepskin Soft, Thick / Hard Leather, Suede Leather Available.

Usually, shirts are made with cowhide or Sheepskin Soft Leather. But you can specify your desired leather type while placing an order.

Leather Shirts Sizing.

Made To Measure:

We provide all leather goods available at our shop with Made To Measure facility. Shirts at our shop are also customizable. You can select your correct body measurement while placing an order.

Standard Sizes:

Standard sizes are also available. X-small to 6X Large.

More Leather Outfits At Soveba Kilt Shop:

Leather shirts become more stylish and look more unique when wearing leather pants. For Men’s, we are also offering a wide range of leather pants  So, also browse our Leather Pants collection.