Men’s Leather Chaps Motorcycle Riding Biker Cowboy And Western

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Important Information About Leather Chaps

Chaps are sturdy leg liners consisting of gaiters and a belt. They are fastened over the pants with an integrated belt, but unlike pants they have no seat and do not join in the crotch. They are designed to provide protection for the legs and are usually made of leather or a leather-like material. They are most commonly associated with the culture of Western American cowboys and northern Mexican cowboys as a protective garment to use when riding horses through overgrown terrain. In the modern world, they are used for both professional and practical purposes for display or presentation of their use.


The first form of protective leather clothing worn by horseback riders herding cattle in Spain were called Armas, meaning “shields”. They were essentially two large pieces of cowhide that were worn as a protective apron. They were connected to the horn of the saddle and were therefore distributed by the chest of the horse and the legs of the rider. From this early and rather uncomfortable design came modifications that placed the garment entirely on the rider, and then adapted variations such as those of jeans. Later, cowboys expanded from Mexico to the Pacific coast and the northern Rockies of what are now the United States and Canada.

Motorcycle Riding And Bikers Chaps

Motorcyclists also use leather motorcycle chaps to protect their legs. Among English riders, Mini Chaps, a type of gaiters, are common, which are often worn in combination with, for example, Jodhpur ankle boots or other shoes as a substitute for riding boots.

Chaps For Rocker And Fetish Gay Culture

Chaps are also popular in the rocker scene and in the subculture of the gay leather scene.