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History Of Kilts

A kilt is a garment for men that covers the legs up to the knees and, unlike pants, has no legs. A kilt is a skirt especially for men. Traditionally, the kilt was worn by men and boys in the Scottish Highlands in the 16th century but has also been worn in other parts of Scotland and in the Celtic language and culture since the 19th century. Nowadays, the kilt is worn by (mainly Scottish) men on special, folkloric and official occasions. The kilt is part of the traditional clothing, especially for bagpipe players.

Extraordinary look for extraordinary Men

With a Men’s skirt or kilt, you are guaranteed a stylish appearance and you will attract everyone’s attention. A kilt is not only super stylish, but also comfortable. And all those who have ever worn a kilt or skirt know the feeling of this indescribable freedom. You have the choice between simple designs and cuts and extravagant bondage style. Decorated with black and silver studs, rings, and super practical pockets, they give your outfit a wild, warrior touch. In addition, the zippers and press studs also look super cool and form a great contrast.

The most characteristic is the wrap shape. This means that these Man kilts are wrapped around your body. So not just put on like a pair of pants, but the kilt is completely opened and then wrapped around your hip. Then they closed from the inside with the help of a button or a Velcro fastener. The still open part is now closed from the outside. Most kilts have two buckles. The Velcro fastener and buckles hold the kilt and where it should sit. So you don’t have to worry about them slipping down. It won’t. With the two buckles, you can also tighten the sides. Then it fits absolutely perfectly and you can enjoy the irresistible wearing comfort.

Custom Made Genuine Leather Kilts On Our Shop

In our Kilts you will not only feel super comfortable, but you will also definitely become an eye-catcher. The kilt gives you the opportunity to create your own, extraordinary and extravagant style and to carry it to the outside. A style that suits your individual character. The wearing comfort, or the wearing feeling is breathtaking and incomparable. You will feel it every step of the way. Eye-catching decorations such as chains, rings, rivets, bondage bands, straps and buckles adorn the men’s kilts and give it its extravagant look.

All the kilts in our shop are customizable, which means you have freedom of choice and style according to your taste. With us you will certainly find the right piece, which enriches your own style and ensures that you will be the absolute star and the eye-catcher in your everyday life, but especially at parties and festivals. To make your style perfect, you should complete it with the matching tops and shoes. For the kilt, it should definitely be higher boots, so that your outfit looks harmonious. High boots simply look better with kilts. 

Color, Sizing, Style Choice On Our Shop

Men’s leather kilts made from 100% genuine leather material are not less than the matchless gift for leather lovers. Leather kilts made from genuine leather available here. These are mostly available in all colors. We can make a personalized custom and unique style for you. You have the option to choose your favorite color while placing the order.

If you don’t find the style you like in our collection, you can contact us via live chat or leave an email to our email address: [email protected] One of our support agents will reply to you as soon as possible!