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  • Blue Police Leather Uniform $255

    100% Cowhide leather.

    polyester lining.

    Quilted style pant.

    The belt on the front.

  • Breeches Leather Uniform $255

    Real Cowhide leather made BREECHES UNIFORM.

    Breeches Style pant with the police/Gay style leather shirt.

    Leather Wrist Bands.

    Zippers on front and legs.

    Polyester lining.

    All colors are possible.

  • Breeches Style Leather Uniform For Mens $280

    100%Real lambskin leather made breeches uniform.

    Rust free stud buttons.

    Breeches style pant and shirt set.

    All colors are achievable.

    No Shipping Costs

  • Custom Made Leather Uniform $250

    Custom made leather uniform for men.

    High-quality uniform for men.

    Trouser style pant, Stripes on both the right and left side, Zipper on front and back sides.

    Police style shirt, Shoulders on the shirt, jacket style shirt, buttons on front.

  • Gay Leather Police Uniform $265

    Polic Style uniform.

    Padded Style on both sides of the pant.

    Inseam Zipper.

    Black Piping. (Different Colors choice accessible)

    Mostly all colors are available just reach us to get this uniform in your chosen color.

    Shoulders on shirt.

    Get Now this Gay Leather Uniform WITHOUT ANY SHIPPING COSTS

  • Gay Leather Uniform Black $255

    Gay Leather Uniform Black for men in unique look.

    Leather pant with inseam zipper. Piping on front and back. Zips on front and back.

    Shirt with piping. Rust free high-quality Buttons.

    All colors and size are available.

  • Gay Leather Uniform For Men $275

    Gay Leather Uniform For Men.

    Jacket Style Leather Shirt and tight leather pant.

    The belt on the front and red tie.

    Mostly all colors available.

    Made to measure service available.

  • Leather Kilt Uniform $290

    Leather: Cowhide

    Style: Hybrid kilt and Military Uniform Shirt

    Lining : Polyester

    Colors : All Colors Available

    Size : Custom Size

    Piping: All colors

  • Leather Police Uniform $270

    Made To Measure Real Leather Made Uniform.

    Patches on both the right and left sides on shirt, Rust free buttons.

    Trusted quality.

    Secure Paypal shipping.

    Leather Shirt, Leather Pant, Tie, Wristband


  • Leather Police Uniform In Grey Color $255

    Leather Police Uniform In Grey Color for men.

    High-Quality Lambskin Leather.

    Jacket Style Shirt.

    Available in all colors.

    Tight Pant.

  • Leather Uniform $250

    Stylish Look slim fit leather pant.

    Police leather shirt.

    All colors and size available (Customizing available just select your right measurement)

  • Leather uniform For Men $250

    Genuine Lambskin Leather Made uniform.

    Remarkable New Look Style.

    Police Style Shirt.

    Trouser Style Pant.

    Perfect Set of leather pant and shirt for men.

    Polyester Lining.

    Long stripes on both right and left side.

  • Leather Uniform Men In Black And Orange Color $268

    Leather uniform men in black and orange color is the best uniform police clothing lovers. This uniform can also be wear as fashion or formal wear.

    Leather: Real cowhide leather

    All colors are available

  • Men Black Leather Breeches Uniform $265

    Real Lambskin Leather made uniform.

    Breeches Style Pant and Shirt set.

    All colors are accessible.

    Polyester lining.

    Custom made leather uniform.

  • Men Leather Uniform Black $250

    Men Leather Uniform Black made from real leather.

    Slim Fit leather pant.

    Police leather shirt.

    All colors and size are accessible.

  • Police Leather Uniform $260

    Fashion style leather uniform for men.

    Black Color with green piping. ( All Colors are available).

    Pant With Quilted Style Back.

    Pockets on front.


    High-Quality rust-free Buttons.

  • Quilted Style Leather Uniform For Men $265

    All Colors are possible.

    Custom made uniform.

    Quilted / Padded Style leather pant.

    Rust free buttons on the front.

    Pockets on both the right and left sides on shirt.


    100% genuine Lambskin leather made uniform.

    Polyester lining.

  • Real Black Leather Uniform $250

    Real Lambskin Leather Made Uniform.

    All colors are available.

    Polyester lining.

    High-quality rust-free Buttons.

    Simple look design.


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