Clean Leather Jacket At Home

How To Clean A Leather Jacket

The leather garments are ever-present in the wardrobe of most people and jackets of this excellent material, usually, they are among the favorite leaders of many. Like any type of item of clothing, special attention must be paid to putting it in perfect condition over time. Below you will find some tips that we want to give you regarding how to clean a leather jacket and you will see that yes, it is possible to keep them clean and without bad smells during the years!

Clean Leather Jacket At Home
Mens Leather Jacket

Regular attention to be given to leather jackets

The leather jackets (or leather) need a single annual cleaning unless the same has not been spotted by accident. However, to ensure that they are in better condition and will last over many years, some preventive steps can be taken to pay more attention to the leather material.

  • At the time of purchase, treat it with a special spray for the treatment of hides and leather.
  • Eliminate any stain instantly, especially those that can leave a greasy residue.
  • Always keep them hanging on a hanger so that small cracks or ripples do not create.
Clean Leather Jacket
Leather Jackets

Required Material To Clean Your Jacket

To clean a leather or leather jacket you need these materials:

  • A small vacuum cleaner
  • Hot water
  • Liquid soap, preferably not too aggressive
  • A sponge
  • A cloth
  • If possible, an ad hoc spray for the treatment of the skins.

Now Let’s Start Cleaning Your Jacket With 5-Easy Steps

1. Start by cleaning the inside of the jacket, in this first part use the vacuum cleaner, it will be useful to remove all the dust and all the residues that may be found inside the jacket.

2. If you need to eliminate bad odors, mix hot water with baking soda and pass this mixture with a sponge on the area that needs it. Then remove any excess water with a sponge soaked in water.

3. Add soap to hot water and with a sponge gently clean the surface of the jacket. It is very important not to use the sponge with force as it could damage the material, therefore we recommend delicacy and attention in this step.

4. Go over another sponge this time soaked only in water. This will help you to remove the soap from the surface, pass it as many times as you think it is necessary.

5. In the end, to eliminate the excess humidity that may have remained over the jacket, pass a clean and dry cloth. As in the previous point,  do not use too much force but delicacy, in fact in this step you only need to eliminate the humidity.

Clean A Leather Jacket At Home
Leather Jacket For Men

Allow the leather jacket to dry fully. Leaving it for one or two days in the shade and use the spray specifically for this type of material. This is a very easy-to-use product that will give the material the hydration it needs to prevent it from spoiling.


This is our method to make our Products long-lasting. we hope that these tips for cleaning your jackets and leather garments will be really helpful to you. Did you already know this method and these tips?


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